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Bring Vocabulary to Life with this Creative Curriculum

Hi teacher friends,

As we know vocabulary is an essential component of literacy yet far too many students aren't receiving the vocabulary skills needed in order to be successful throughout school and beyond. By the time kids are 17, there are 10,000+ words they should know. I am so excited to share one of the most unique and engaging curriculums, which creatively teaches and reinforces those 10,000 essential words through hilarious illustrations by the same artists from the movie Madagascar! It's called Mrs. Wordsmith and it's a research-based program developed by experts at Cambridge University.

I love so many things about this program but what quickly caught my eye was the organization and high-quality materials! Everything is color-coded and includes explicit instructions for teachers and parents.

Here's what's included:

  • An organized binder resource of 1500 storytelling words
  • 6 decks of word-pair cards with HILARIOUS illustrations
  • Student daily workbooks for each category 

The organization, creativity, and effectiveness of this program are all a teacher's DREAM! If you'd like to try this program in your classroom, you can use my code TEACHERPASSPORT45 for $45 OFF! 

Happy teaching, friends!