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Mt. Mitchell, NC

Hey, ya'll. 
Thanks for visiting The Teacher's Passport. I'm Becca, a 2nd grade teacher at a public Arts & Humanities school in the mountains of Asheville, NC. I'm passionate about guiding my students to see the greatness within themselves and others.

I'm the founder of Little Leaders, an organization dedicated to providing kids with service learning opportunities through the core belief that you're never too young to change the world.

I'm an education equity advocate and work with She's the First to support girls' educational scholarships in low-income nations. When I'm not teaching, blogging, or designing, you can find me on an airplane, my yoga mat, a hiking trail, or at a local coffee shop planning my next adventure around the globe.  

Why The Teacher's Passport?
Since my student teaching experience in college, I've always been extremely passionate about "bringing the world into my classroom" through the use of tech. Thanks to #techtools such as Google Earth and Skype (#MysterySkype is seriously the best, ya'll) my students have been able to travel the world without ever leaving our classroom. It is through these global awareness activities that my students have grown to become curious, well-rounded learners with a desire to explore. 

While my students have been able to learn from people all over the world, I too have been able to connect with incredible educators across the globe. (Props to #teacehersfollowteachers). I truly believe that the world is MY classroom--OUR classroom--and I'm honored to be on this journey with so many innovative, inspiring, passionate educators just like YOU.  

My baby girl, Willow
Things I love:
Writing. I wrote a book in high school called Live High on Life and enjoy guest blogging for websites/magazines including Huffington Post, WNC Women, Cambio, Differences Magazine, FearlesslyGirl, and GirlsOnIt. 
My fur baby. #adorable I mean, just look at her in the pic above. Need I say more?
Education Equality. Did you know that only one in five girls in the developing world finish primary school? That's why I love all things She's the First, a non profit organization that sponsors girls' education in developing countries so they can be the first in their families to graduate. I worked with She's the First to develop an awesome curriculum to teach global awareness while providing students with service learning opportunities! Click here to find out how to bring She's the First to your classroom. 
Global Connections. I was a 2014 Skype Classroom Master Teacher. I continue to be passionate about connecting and collaborating with classrooms and speakers around the world. Hey, if I can't bring my kids out into the world, why not bring the world to them? See more about global connections on my blog. 
Inspirational People. I couldn't be more grateful for the awesome community of people I'm surrounded by each day, both near and far away. As the one and only Oprah says, "Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher." #truth