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Deepen your Mindfulness and Elevate your Teaching in my Teach with Peace Course

In just my third year of teaching I was already feeling burned out, overwhelmed, anxious and defeated. I had so many days when I wanted to quit. I'd cry at night, cry at work, and constantly feel caught up in the things that I couldn't control. All of those feelings (which are completely valid, by the way) started to shift when I deepened my mindfulness practice.

I realized that although there were A LOT of things in education that were out of my control, what I could control was my breathing, my awareness and my intentions. That's when the magic started. I read books, listened to podcasts, attended trainings and earned my 200hr Yoga Teacher certification through Asheville Yoga Center. I intentionally practiced mindfulness in my personal life and brought it into my classroom as well, with morning mindfulness, mindful moments, yoga breaks, and more (which are all included in my mindfulness course, Teach with Peace). These mindful practices elevated my teaching and transformed my classroom community.