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Deepen your Mindfulness and Elevate your Teaching in my Teach with Peace Course

In just my third year of teaching I was already feeling burned out, overwhelmed, anxious and defeated. I had so many days when I wanted to quit. I'd cry at night, cry at work, and constantly feel caught up in the things that I couldn't control. All of those feelings (which are completely valid, by the way) started to shift when I deepened my mindfulness practice.

I realized that although there were A LOT of things in education that were out of my control, what I could control was my breathing, my awareness and my intentions. That's when the magic started. I read books, listened to podcasts, attended trainings and earned my 200hr Yoga Teacher certification through Asheville Yoga Center. I intentionally practiced mindfulness in my personal life and brought it into my classroom as well, with morning mindfulness, mindful moments, yoga breaks, and more (which are all included in my mindfulness course, Teach with Peace). These mindful practices elevated my teaching and transformed my classroom community.

You may be thinking "I hear about this mindfulness stuff all the time but meditation, yoga, and deep breathing just isn't for me!" Or, "I've tried mindfulness. Nothing happened. It didn't work." If you've felt that way before, I can totally relate. When I first started practicing mindfulness I had this false idea that something magical would instantly happen and my life would be changed forever!

While mindfulness IS magical, the magic doesn't happen over night. It's called mindfulness practice for a reason--it takes practice, which is why I designed Teach with Peace to help teachers like you begin or deepen a mindfulness practice that works for YOU. Being a teacher is unlike any other profession which is why I created this mindfulness course specifically FOR educators, with resources that you can bring into your classroom no matter what grade you teach! Mindfulness practice transformed my personal and professional life as well as the lives of my students. I know it can do the same for you.

If you've ever wanted to join Teach with Peace, now is your time! Teach with Peace is back and I'm SO excited to announce that I'm now offering year-round enrollment! Many of you reached out and asked if I could offer more sessions of Teach with Peace which is why you can now complete the course at your own pace, anytime! To celebrate, I'm offering the BEST Teach with Peace discount I've ever offered: just $12 for a lifetime membership! That means you get 80% off the original price!

Once you become a member you'll have instant access to ALL course materials on our exclusive Teach with Peace member site. I’ll teach daily lessons while guiding you through custom affirmations, meditations, yoga, breathing exercises, journaling, and so much more!

Here are the topics we'll cover: 
  • Day 1: Self-Love
  • Day 2: Power of Gratitude
  • Day 3: Compassion
  • Day 4: Turn Fear into Fuel
  • Day 5: Quit Comparing 
  • Day 6: Create Balance
  • Day 7: Loving-Kindness 
All lessons are taught via YouTube videos along with an amazing toolkit of printable materials (meditations, breathing exercise cards, the Teach with Peace journal, affirmation cards, yoga cards, and more!) to help guide your mindfulness journey.

I'm so proud of everyone who has already completed the course! Here's feedback from a few Teach with Peace members: 

Want a peek inside Teach with Peace? Check out this video on my IGTV channel.
A sneak peek inside Teach with Peace

You'll have exclusive lifetime access to all content! You'll also be able to join the private Instagram page to engage in discussions with educators around the world.

Feel free to reach out with any questions! I hope to see you in the Teach with Peace community!

Best wishes,