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Welcome to The Teacher's Passport (formerly know in the social media realm as Little Leaders). I'm so excited you're here. In case you haven't browsed the site yet, my name is Becca Wertheim and I'm a 2nd grade teacher in Asheville, NC. I'm beginning year four of my career and I couldn't be more excited to document my journey at The Teacher's Passport.

Why The Teacher's Passport? After attending #TpTOrlando16, I felt inspired to reflect on my strengths and passions as an educator. Since my student teaching experience in college, I've always been extremely passionate about "bringing the world into my classroom" through the use of tech. Thanks to #techtools such as Google Earth and Skype (#MysterySkype is seriously the best, ya'll) my students have been able to travel the world without ever leaving our classroom. It is through these global awareness activities that my students have grown to become curious, well-rounded learners with a desire to explore. 

While my students have been able to learn from people all over the world, I too have been able to connect with incredible educators across the globe. (Props to #teacehersfollowteachers). I truly believe that the world is MY classroom--OUR classroom--and I'm honored to be on this journey with so many innovative, inspiring, passionate educators just like YOU. 

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