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3 Reasons to Use Calm Cards in Your Classroom

No matter how strong our classroom management is, there will always be moments when kids just need to take a break. Instead of viewing this as a negative thing I've tried to look at these moments as teachable moments. When my kids "take a break" they go to our classroom's Calm Corner, a cozy little spot filled with pillows, peaceful coloring books, stuffed animals, stress balls, and Calm Cards. Calm Cards are positive affirmation cards that help kids feel better about themselves. Usually when my kids need to take a break, it's because they're either sad, angry, worried, or embarrassed. Calm Cards are an easy way to change a kid's mindset by filling their mind with positive thoughts to replace negative thoughts. Check out my top 3 reasons to add Calm Cards to your classroom and grab a free set of Calm Cards below!

1. They work. 
Even if kids are angry, upset, or sad, when they read positive affirmations they are able to reset their nervous system, allowing their body to calm down. The positive affirmations replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. (Disclaimer: at this time, all calm cards have words. They may be best for grades 2-5; however, if you think they'd be a good fit for your students I recommend them!)'

2. They're versatile. 
Calm cards can be used in many ways! I keep them on a binder ring in my Calm Corner for kids to flip through when they're taking a break. However, they can also be printed as posters, displayed as a banner or on a bulletin board, or used as conversation topics for class meetings

3. They're easy to assemble. 
Just print, cut, (laminate if you'd like) and voila, you have a new tool that students will use and love!

Try out Calm Cards in your classroom by grabbing the free sample set here

If you'd like the entire set, complete with 40 colorful Calm Cards, you can find it here.

Do you use something like this in your classroom or do you think this would work for your kids? Let me know in the comments below!